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Module #13 – Going Live!

Video Time: 27:42

Video #1 Tracking Live TradesHere I compare our Better Breakout trading system to a version I’ve been trading live since 2012. Which one is performing better? Which one should we trade live? I also go over a spreadsheet we can use to track our live trades. ​

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Video Time: 25:54

Video #2: Remote or Locale Hosting?Should you host your trading computer at home or should you rent server space elsewhere? I go over the pros and cons of both solutions and give you my recommendation so you can reduce your headaches.

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Video Time: 17:18

Video #3: TradeStation Strategy Automation BasicsThis section is all about setting up TradeStation to process live trades correctly. I show you what settings need to be activated, how to keep your strategy in sync with the live account and how I perform a futures roll.

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Video Time: 14:41

Video #4: Checklist! Our final training video! Congratulations on a job well done. We have one more lesson. Let me introduce you to a two million dollar solution to avoid costly mistakes. It’s a simple one-page checklist that professional aviators and medical professionals follow. You should too! Video Length 14:41

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Action Items:

  • Decide how you are going to track your live trades. You can either use manual tracking method (spreadsheet) or look into a software solution. 
  • Decide how you are going to host your trading computer. You can do it yourself or have a 3rd party do it. If you want to do it yourself, be sure your internet is up to speed and you purchase some decent hardware!
  • Set up your platform correctly and turn on live trading! You’re ready to start building your successful trading portfolio with this one step!
  • Congratulations you’ve completed System Development Master Class! These core training that are the heart of your system development process and provides a roadmap for building a continual stream of trading systems!


Trade Tracking Services:

  1. Tradervue
  2. Stocktickr
  3. Tradersync
  4. Stocktrader
  5. Trading Diary Pro
  6. Edge Wonk

Other Links:

  • Eero Routers ( Amazon | Eero Company )
  • Speedy Trading Servers
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